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My mission is to help each person reach his or her optimum physical goals. I will conduct a thorough assessment and design an individualized plan, which will include corrective exercises, functional movement patterns, and strength. I will then coach each person through his or her functional movement progression. I want each person, with whom I am privileged to work, to experience a functional body that overcomes a chronic injury, improves sports performance, recovers from surgery, loses weight, and/or physically moves through the day with greater ease and comfort.

A popular term I often hear in regards to human movement is “muscle memory”. I am going to let you in on a little secret…there is no such thing! Since the muscles do not have a brain, they do not have memory. Your movement patterns are actually learned, processed, and remembered in your BRAIN! Therefore, whether you are trying to improve your ability to get in and out of a chair, learn corrective exercises to overcome a chronic injury, or have a more functional squat, it is imperative that we TRAIN YOUR BRAIN!

My most important client is the one in front of me.

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March 2014

On March 18, 2014, I had the privilege to give the physical fitness presentation to the Girl Scout Troop at Saint Gerard’s parochial school.  The girls were 9-12 years of age.  The afternoon began with an overview of why physical fitness is important to our health and development. 

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"I will coach each person to attain his or her most functional movement possible."