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March 2014

On March 18, 2014, I had the privilege to give the physical fitness presentation to the Girl Scout Troop at Saint Gerard’s parochial school.  The girls were 9-12 years of age.  The afternoon began with an overview of why physical fitness is important to our health and development.  It is between the ages of 5-12 is when we learn most of the motor patterns that we will carry with us for the remainder of our lives.  We talked about that while some people may choose to do traditional sports, strength training, or cardiovascular exercises, there are limitless possibilities to the physical activities you can do.  We talked about dancing, hiking, and even kayaking.  The key is to find something you enjoy and get MOVING!

We then did a dynamic warm-up consisting of fun, full-body movements to get the blood pumping, increase the heart rate, and prepare our minds and bodies for exercise.

Inch Worm…Everyone’s Favorite!

The Girl Scout Troop then partnered up with one another and challenged themselves to a fun circuit of 8 exercises focusing on the upper body, lower body, and core.

Mountain Climbers

Air Ball Hamstring Curls

Tubing Trunk Rotations

Getting Ready for Goblet Squats

After completing the 8-exercise circuit (1 minute at each exercise with 30 seconds to have a quick breather and transition to the next exercise), we cooled down a bit and did some stretching. And while some of the girls were surprised at how breathless they were even after the warm-up, every single girl was smiling by the time we were finished. Exercise is one of the quickest ways we can improve our mood. So keep on moving girls!